Effectiveness and reliability

Production of the high quality timber pallets, packages and components is our specialty. Besides, we offer transport services providing our customers with timeliness and flexibility of deliveries to every place in the country and abroad.

20-year experience in production and transport

We have been producing high quality timber products for 20 years. We are family company from Poland that produce timber pallets and packages made on individual request.
Our offer includes: standard-sized, double-sided, four-sided and disposable pallets. Everything is done in accordance with specifications and customer's order. We provide comprehensive service including repairing pallets. What is more, at the customer's request we treat pallets with heat, drying and labeling (e.g. dimensions, logo).
We specialise in production of resistant and functional boxes, wooden counters, boards and  roof trusses.

Guarantee of fast processing of orders with delivery

The whole production and disinfection process of Sanmar timber products complies with current environmental and phytosanitary standards.
We deliver pallets to companies in packaging, construction, motor, metal, pharmaceutical and food industries. We guarantee rapid realisation of your orders along with transport.

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