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The Management Board of Sanmar Szczytkowice Sp. z o.o.:

Mariusz Skóra – Managing Director
The co-founder. He launched family company with his wife. They have run their business since the very beginning.
Together with his son, Vice President of the Management Board, he is in charge of finances, acquisition of new business partners and production management in every branch of the company.
Patryk Skóra – Vice President
Just after his graduation, he became a member of the Management Board in order to develop his skills and foster family business.
Aneta Skóra  – independent proxy
The co-founder. She represents the company and is in charge of its finances and human resources.
We are family company from Poland with 20-year experience in production of high quality timber products. Our management is also responsible for purchasing new machines, equipment and a car fleet.

 Management Board

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