Drying and disinfection of pallets

Transport your goods around the world. We meet all requirements for pallet disinfection.

Environmentally friendly pallet disinfection

Our pallets undergo IPPC/ISPM-15 disinfection. We care about the environment. We use high temperature in order to combat microbial agents that destroy wood.

How is the pallet disinfection process carried out?

We use properly adapted drying chamber system in IPPC/ISPM-15 disinfection process and drying process. Timber pallets and its components are placed in drying chambers. This is where the whole process of controlled thermal disinfection of the wood begins.

56°C constantly for 30 minutes

In order for the disinfection process to be completed correctly, 56 ° C must be reached in the entire thickness of the wood used in the pallet production. A heated pallet must maintain the very temperature in one disinfection cycle constantly for 30 minutes. The process is repeated a few times during the drying cycle.

Constant control

Our wood dryers are equipped with special software that allows us to see at what stage of disinfection and drying process our pallets are.

Ready to go

In such a way, the disinfected and dried pallets are ready for take-over and transport to the ultimate destination.

 Drying and disinfection of pallets

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